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One month ago, my family and I purchased a home in a really amazing community, Greensprings West, in Williamsburg, Va.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet some really awesome people. We have made new friends and have become neighbors with many existing friends! I have since taken a personal interest in contributing to the community website, and on this page, I will be dropping pics of website ideas I draw up in Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop.  I would love to actually be able to bring one of these ideas to life in the near future (That would be sweet!). Even if the cards don’t unfold that way, it is always a blast doing web design in my spare time!

Enough small talk… let’s see what’s in the cookie jar.



Ultimately, what we have above is just a mockup. Please excuse the meaningless lorem ipsum dummy text and stock photos. My current aim to to create a professional, easy to follow layout. There are so many options that could go into this type of layout, it’s ridiculous. We could have dedicated pics of any portion of the neighborhood we wanted to… the pool, the clubhouse, the Williamsburg National… I’d be more than happy to take professional photos with my new Canon DSLR specifically for the site.  A huge component to creating a clean, classy looking web page is picture quality: large, clear, un-pixelated photos (the full screenshot above and the two shots below are a bit blurry due to them being compressed to fit into this blog post).

Here is a simple idea for the styling of what could be a portion of the homepage that we could use for community updates (again, please excuse the dummy text and stock images)… If the picture is too big and running off to the right, click on it to see the entire thing.


Heck, even the board could have their very own page or section anywhere on the site… a simple but cool introduction with easily-access contact modules.
Again, If the picture is too big and running off to the right, click on it to see the entire thing.


So yea… that’s it so far. Please let me know in the comments what you think (residents, just post in the comment of my post on the Facebook group page). Give it to me, the good, the bad, the ugly LOL …This is literally just a couple of hours work, so please don’t be too harsh :)

If I can find the spare change, I will try and develop a limited version of it under a dummy url, get hosting for it, and take it live as a demo for the HOA. We will see how things go, but yea, I’m pretty excited. Fun times!

Until the next update folks…


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