18 Clever Product Packaging Designs

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With most retail products, the very first impression made on a potential buyer is that of the product packaging.  In most cases, the actual product is not even visible to the shopper. According to Marty Neumeier in his book The Brand Gap, “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.”  Taking into account the fact that many people are impulse buyers, product and package design are vital when it comes to brand image. Here are 18 examples of extremely clever and witty product packaging designs that will be sure to catch your eye.

Anti-theft Lunch Bags


Gnome Bread Package


Hanger Tea

creative-packaging-13 creative-packaging-13-2


Scanwood Kitchenware


NYC Spaghetti


Smirnoff Caipiroska

creative-packaging-10 creative-packaging-10-2 creative-packaging-10-4


The Bees Knees Honey

creative-packaging-9 creative-packaging-9-2


City Harvest Empty Stomach Bag

creative-packaging-8 creative-packaging-8-2


Moustache Paintbrush Packaging

creative-packaging-7 creative-packaging-7-2


Festina Water Proof Watches – Sold in bags of water!

creative-packaging-6 creative-packaging-6-2


Cheese Pencils with Sharpener

creative-packaging-5  creative-packaging-5-2creative-packaging-5-3


Wine Log

creative-packaging-4 creative-packaging-4-2


Coca Cola Cups






Pretty Fun Picnic Boxes by Boxsal

creative-packaging-18 creative-packaging-18-6 creative-packaging-18-5 creative-packaging-18-4 creative-packaging-18-3 creative-packaging-18-2


Babees Honey Jars



Gubble Bum



Wanted Snacks (give me the pistachios!)


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  1. The sandwich packaging looks really cool. If i see that on the table, i would really think it’s rotten. I would not even think twice of taking it!

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